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              Canada Canoe Paddles celebrates the country's rich history and natural abundance by creating designer paddles, featuring designs inspired by Canada's most recognizable institutions and icons. The paddles, crafted from locally-sourced wood in Ontario, are intended not just for use in water adventures, but also for display in homes, cottages, and offices, symbolizing the ever-present opportunity for great adventure.

              Canada Canoe Paddles (10)

              Maple Leaf Full Size Canoe Paddle


              Maple Leaf II Full Size Canoe Paddle


              Full Size Paddle Beaver


              Loon Full Size Canoe Paddle


              Canada Goose Full Size Canoe Paddle


              Deer Full Size Paddle


              Moose Full Size Canoes Paddle


              Bear Full Size Canoe Paddle


              Mini Paddle (Maple Leaf on Red)

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