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Langford Canoe - Heron 14′
Langford Canoe - Heron 14′

    Langford Canoe - Heron 14′


      In an age where tradition and romanticism is a thing of the past, Langford offers a cedar rowboat that is a throw back to the days when rowing on a quiet lake or pond was an experience never forgotten. The boat is handcrafted from the finest BC red cedar with double oarlocks and a square stern. For those who enjoy the solitude and peace of an early morning row or a quiet sunset outing this is the craft for you. The Heron design has graced the Muskoka Lakes for over 60 years, offering the ultimate in craftsmanship and beauty.




      Length 14'
      Depth 14"
      Capacity 850 lbs.
      Beam 40″
      Weight 70 lbs.
      Rocker NA
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